As an Author, wouldn’t you rather be writing than marketing and promoting your book? You can if working with an experienced Virtual Assistant. There are a plethora of marketing and PR agencies out there that will book you — and if you have the funds, by all means, move forward.

But what are the alternatives if you’re promoting your book on a tight budget? There is always the “free” option to become something you are not; the type A personality that thrives on being their own marketer, brander, web designer, event planner, spokesperson and social media expert. In my opinion, working on marketing and promotions is not time spent on writing. If writing is your passion and your business plan for paying the bills, is this option really free or cost-effective in the long run?

we work with Authors and their budgets to develop a plan of action that will help them achieve their goals (at their pace). We don’t just free up their time; we are constantly improving our knowledge, skills and products to yield results. From figuring out technical problems and customizing a blog to reflect the look and feel of your book, to organizing book signings or a virtual book tour – a great assistant requires versatility and is most likely to know what you need, before you do.

Regardless of whether you are published, self-published, or looking to publish in the future, it is never too late or too early to start working with us. If you’ve never worked with a Virtual Assistant and have questions about the process – request your free 30-minute consultation.

If you are simply interested in learning how to promote your book online and on a tight budget – subscribe to our blog. Starting July 1st, we’ll post free administrative, creative and marketing advice on various topics (including work samples) for promoting your book online. These are just some of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Tips for creating your own virtual book tour plan
  • Getting your book recommended by readers online
  • How to use Blog Talk Radio to build a virtual tribe
  • How to build your B&N and Amazon book reviews
  • Tips for securing your next speaking engagement to promote your book
  • Tips for connecting with the right fan base
  • Utilizing independent and college campus book stores to do book signings
  • And so much more…

Get ready, because July is going to be an exciting month. We look forward to connecting with you on our blog!