Google Plus Hashtags

As today is Day 2 in our Google+ Blog Series, I would like to focus on the use of Hashtags on Google Plus.

For those of you asking “What is a Hashtag?”, by standard definition a Hashtag is a word or a phrase (without spaces) preceded by the # symbol.  For example if using #parenting in the Google+ search box, it will help you find topics or join conversations that relate to this topic. If clicking on the Hashtag, it will also display related content. Generally Hashtags are useful across most social networks and especially inside Google Plus because they help you find posts made by others using the symbol and organizing your own posts.

I created this series to focus on how Google+ impacts your SEO efforts and since Google announced it has added Hashtag support to Google Search, my theory is that using Hashtags to organize your Google Plus posts will make it easier for other users to find you and connect with your content. This rather new feature is part of a broader push to tie Google Search and Google+ closer together.

Test it out for yourself! See the Google Plus search box up top? Type a particular Hashtag into the search box, then search. You will see loads of posts that focus on those topics…

Tune in tomorrow, we’ll be back with another valuable tip in Day 3 of this email/blog series.