How often are you doing business admin work and you wish you had someone to do it for you? Rings a bell? Well you are not alone, we all have moments like this.

Using virtual assistants to outsource many of your business chores is one way of dealing with this dilemma, virtual assistants love the work you hate and honestly are probably better at it too.

But what can virtual assistants (VAs) actually do for your business apart from the obvious business task. Here is a list of 75 reasons why you should consider using virtual assistants in your business partner mix:

  1. Using a Virtual Assistant can increase manpower without the expense of a full time employee.
  2. A Virtual Assistant means the need for temporary employees is eliminated.
  3. A Virtual Assistant means the need for outsourcing is eliminated.
  4. A Virtual Assistant is there when you need them.
  5. A Virtual Assistant provides services you need at a reasonable cost.
  6. Virtual Assistants can assist with basic office support.
  7. Virtual Assistants can assist with specialized tasks.
  8. A Virtual Assistant is hard working and reliable.
  9. A Virtual Assistant is not paid an hourly wage or salary.
  10. You only pay a Virtual Assistant for the hours you need them.
  11. There are no extra expenses with a Virtual Assistant such as benefits or vacation pay.
  12. There is no requirement for office space with a Virtual Assistant.
  13. Virtual Assistants use their own equipment saving your costs.
  14. Virtual Assistants can save you time as well as money.
  15. There is no need to train a Virtual Assistant like you would an employee.
  16. A Virtual Assistant can be good when there are times of large work loads.
  17. A Virtual Assistant is oriented to meet your personal and business needs.
  18. A Virtual Assistant can become very involved in your business.
  19. Using Virtual Assistants can ease pressure on other employees.
  20. Virtual Assistants can free up your personal time.
  21. A Virtual Assistant can do tasks you are not skilled enough to do.
  22. A Virtual Assistant comes already computer trained.
  23. Virtual Assistants continuously upgrade their skills at no cost to you.
  24. Virtual Assistants come well connected with networks all of whom can help you.
  25. Virtual Assistants are business owners themselves so know your risks.
  26. There is no need to worry about legal aspects of hiring an employee when using a Virtual Assistant.
  27. Using a Virtual Assistant saves time and resources on the lengthy recruitment process.
  28. Virtual Assistants often have business experience so can help you with more than just admin.
  29. You are free to hire as many or as little Virtual Assistants as you want depending on your work load.
  30. Virtual Assistants are often willing to work outside normal office hours.
  31. There are no agency fees when hiring a Virtual Assistant.
  32. The time you save using a Virtual Assistant can increase sales and productivity.
  33. A Virtual Assistant can give you a higher level of support than an employee.
  34. Virtual Assistants can do anything from checking mail to proof reading.
  35. Virtual Assistants can provide support when your employees are ill or on vacation.
  36. A Virtual Assistant can concentrate on a more significant aspect of your business.
  37. Using a Virtual Assistant means you can deliver to your clients faster.
  38. Both you and your employees can meet deadlines easier using a Virtual Assistant.
  39. Using a Virtual Assistant gives you time to provide clients with better customer service.
  40. Virtual Assistants can give you the flexibility you need.
  41. Virtual Assistants do not need checking on every minute like your other employees might.
  42. Having a Virtual Assistant can take your concentration away from mundane business tasks.
  43. Virtual Assistants could give you some creative ideas for your business.
  44. Virtual Assistants are always accessible.
  45. Using a Virtual Assistant uses their strengths as your strengths.
  46. Use a Virtual Assistant and specify what they do and how they do it.
  47. Tapping into a Virtual Assistant’s resources doubles your own.
  48. Use a Virtual Assistant to ensure you have no onsite employs you are liable for.
  49. There is no obligation to keep a Virtual Assistant if you don’t want to.
  50. If you work from home, having a Virtual Assistant means no strangers in you house.
  51. You do not have to be fully committed to your Virtual Assistant.
  52. A Virtual Assistant can work for an hourly rate or by project.
  53. Ensure you look into your Virtual Assistant before you hire them.
  54. Those using Virtual Assistants can often think of them as a partner in the business.
  55. Virtual Assistants can often be more efficient than your own employees.
  56. Hiring a Virtual Assistant from a different country and background provides you with a wide range of skills.
  57. Having a Virtual Assistant saves costs on office utility and phone bills.
  58. To maximize the use of your Virtual Assistant prepare a list of tasks for them before they start.
  59. If you are unsure about your Virtual Assistant assign them one project to begin with.
  60. Protect your business and ensure you Virtual Assistant signs a confidentiality agreement.
  61. If using a Virtual Assistant from another country ensure there are no language or time zone issues.
  62. Virtual Assistants are professions who have corporate experience.
  63. Virtual Assistants are now almost a necessity for most online marketers.
  64. Virtual Assistants only bill for the time they work so you don;t pay if they are late or take a break.
  65. Often Virtual Assistants can come up with solutions to your problems.
  66. Virtual Assistants have their own network of resources saving you money.
  67. If traditional staffing solutions aren’t working try a Virtual Assistant.
  68. Most tasks done by employees can be done by a Virtual Assistant.
  69. A Virtual Assistant will take care of their own overheads and taxes so you don’t have to.
  70. Keep your business flexible by using a Virtual Assistant.
  71. Relocating your business is not a problem when you have a Virtual Assistant.
  72. The location of your business will never affect a Virtual Assistant’s ability to work.
  73. There is no need to pay your Virtual Assistant overtime.
  74. Hire a Virtual Assistant to stretch your budget.
  75. Hire a Virtual Assistant if you feel short on time.

Our business have never earned money doing bookkeeping, only when we serve our customers and focus on sales will we make more money, it is true – time is money. We only have some much of it, so we need to economize with our time.

Outsourcing to VAs will do that very well, find out more ….