Cyrus Webb of Conversations Live interviews Author, Speaker and Fitness Pro Tamara Jackson.

Of all the PR and promotional strategies we use to promote our Author and Speaker clients, booking internet radio interviews is my top favorite approach. Internet radio makes it easy for us to reach a broader audience, and with many shows that interview guests in all different niches, it is very effective for aligning our clients with the right fan base.

My favorite internet radio platform and the one we use to promote our clients is Blog Talk Radio (BTR). BTR has provided us an excellent opportunity to promote our clients’ books, e-courses, and knowledge in specific areas or expertise. As opposed to paying for scripted radio spots that rarely convey enough substance to connect with your audience on a personal level, interviews on BTR are featured spots, more personal, and completely free to conduct. Interviews can run anywhere from 30 minutes up to an hour.

The best part about using BTR as a promotional strategy is the marketing and preparation BTR shows do to promote their upcoming broadcasts before, during, and after the show goes live. Usually, promos for upcoming shows are prepared a week in advance, and if presented well, will keep an audience tuning in each week. Promos include a brief bio about the guest, links to the guest’s website and social media profiles, as well as a summary of the topic being discussed. Not all, but many shows encourage their followers to call in, providing the guest a unique opportunity to personally connect with their target audience. At the time a show goes live, the host will usually promote his or her upcoming broadcast across their social media platform, blog, and website. For those who can’t tune in live, previous broadcast will remain in the show archives and online for months to years afterwards (a positive for any social media or online marketing efforts). An example of a well-produced and insightful Blog Talk Radio show and host is that of Author and Publishing Mentor Deborah Bailey, and her BTR station called Women Entrepreneurs: The Secrets of Success. Deborah hosts a page and separate website dedicated to her BTR station and prepares killer-promos for upcoming broadcasts that she promotes online and through social media. I’ve had the pleasure to book my clients as guests on her show and the process has always been seamless. In my opinion, the list of advantages to using BTR (as a PR tool) is endless.

At CT Virtual Assistance, we’ve developed a proven marketing process and have the relationships in place to pitch our clients as a “featured guest expert” and to secure them interviews on top BTR stations nationwide. We manage the entire process from researching shows with specific target audiences to creating your pitch/angle for being interviewed. We also manage the entire booking and correspondence process. The only expectations we have for our clients is giving a killer interview. To find out more about virtual assistance for Authors or how to incorporate radio promotions – schedule your free 30-minute consultation today!

If you are seeking one-one-one advice, mentoring or Book Marketing Coaching – schedule your free 30-minute consultation today and I will show you how easy it is to promote your books and speaking career efficiently and effectively .