Our Team

Our reliable and dedicated team of Virtual Assistants provide exceptional support and our drive for excellence is unsurpassed!


MichelleMichelle Anastasio-Festi, Company Founder

With Administration, Marketing, and Operations experience fifteen years strong, I was excited to launched my own Virtual Assistant firm in 2012. Our “Virtual Assistant Services” span Administration and Online Business Management, to Marketing and Graphic Design. We provide customized assistance to busy entrepreneurs and the small businesses community at large. Our forte is versatility, as evidenced by our wide-ranging portfolio.

Bradley, Virtual Graphic Design Specialist Bradley, CT Virtual Assistance, LLC - Graphic Designer

Bradley joins the CT Virtual Team with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Information Design. He has worked¬† for multiple advertising agencies and on the client side of the business. His earlier career focused on the print side of design and over the years progressed into the interactive design field. Having both a print and interactive background, his strengths are shown in brand identity and web design skills. His passion motivates clients and he continues to tackle every project with enthusiasm and a drive to deliver the best final product.

NickieNickie, Virtual Assistant

Nickie joins the CT Virtual Team with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. She has worked as an Executive Assistant and Administrative Project Manager for multiple firms. Nickie is clever and expedient and she has an amazing knack for anything techie and anything WordPress. Her passions are administration, marketing and working closely with savvy entrepreneurs.

Lisa Virtual Assistant - CT Virtual AssistanceLisa, Virtual Assistant

Lisa joins the CT Virtual Team with 10 years of administrative and sales experience in the print and online advertising industry. Lisa has a long and accomplished career combining her strong administrative and customer services skills while maintaining customer accounts, good customer relationships, and coordinating projects. Lisa is a dedicated and responsible professional with a can-do attitude and a strong work ethic.

misch4245341c33c6c9e7David, Virtual Healthcare Consultant

David joins the CT Virtual Team with 15 years of consulting experience in Healthcare. His experience as a healthcare consultant involved monitoring and overall management and coordination of administration, operations, and finance of health care practices. David provides doctors, healthcare providers and alternative medicine practitioners outsourced services that can help practices increase their patient retention rate and operate in a cost-efficient manner.

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