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As a marketing consultant providing specific SEO services to my clients, it was difficult deciding which SEO software or product to chose from.  With only a small percentage of my total client base utilizing this service, choosing which service to go with was definitely a hard decision to make.  Most of the options that ranked # 1-10 via a Google Search were ridiculously expensive to justify the cost or changed depending on the article source.  I always found myself confused and unable to pull the trigger and actually make the final purchase.  I couldn’t justify the cost of SEO software for my company.


One day I stumbled upon a blog post written by a US based small business owner talking about an amazing SEO Software that was both affordable, flexible and robust, called Web CEO.  Before buying I did a deep search, I looked for the features, reviews, pros, cons, etc.  Finally, I ended up with going with their basic online subscription plan of $49 per month.  I needed the flexibility.


This first thing I noticed was their excellent customer service and of course, along with features – this was a primary thing to look for.


Useful features was the most important aspect I needed to consider when having to make the final choice of which software to go with.  Because, one can’t spend hundreds (or probably, thousands) of dollars, just to get specific built-in features based on performance was key.


Another aspect I considered was the price of Web CEO’s online subscription service compared to others.  I am the only one using the software for multiple sites and I didn’t want to pay for additional services if I didn’t need them.  Web CEO met my small business requirements.


When it comes to SEO management, having a clean and easy-to-use user interface was a must.  I don’t want to cope with a complicated and messy interface.  Even if you are a person that is new to the industry, you will be able to get around.  Web CEO’s dashboard is especially organized with a natural flow that will actually teach you a thing or two about project management.

Thus far I’ve been totally satisfied and impressed with this tool and I can guarantee any small business owner that provides SEO services on a local or national basis, will also find tremendous value using their subscription based or downloadable products.  I’m not writing this blog post as an affiliate marketer that is making money from writing a positive review (although it’s something to consider).  I’m simply a happy customer that’s tested a few different software, conducted a little comparison, and now spreading the word.