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There’s a lot of buzz around the word “publicity” and unlike marketing or advertising, which often come as sales pitches, good publicity often carries the power of an independent voice. Publicity includes articles in newspapers, radio and TV, on forums, blogs and social media.

Effective publicity leads to positive results and higher sales because your company can expose its products and services to a wider range of customers and ineffective publicity does the exact opposite. Though publicity isn’t something small businesses can control directly, there are traditional and nontraditional strategies that prove to be beneficial. Crafting the right pitch and hook is always essential.

If you are a business owner who is weighing the benefits of public relations and publicity, then here’s what you need to consider.

Why Is Publicity Important for Small Businesses?

It’s Virtually Free: Apart from content and media distribution costs, publicity costs are virtually free. Now business can use the internet as their first source to promote their business by sharing press releases and articles on various news sites to build authority.

Your Business Gets More Traction: Paid advertisements are costly and not always viable. In the event your small business is the type that easily gets attention and focus, then media publicity could drive masses of people to your products or services.

Publicity Makes You an “Expert”: If your business is the type that is regularly quoted, then the natural assumption people will make is that you are an expert in your field.

It Helps to Form Strategic Alliances: When you are cited in the media, other companies will engage with you because it shows that you are putting yourself out there and that you’re ready to interact on topics you are an expert in.

Why Is PR for Everyone?

PR comes with numerous advantages for small businesses and whether you are the owner of a large, small, exciting, boring, time-consuming or any business at all, you do need it! Here’s why.

Target Market: The first thing that makes PR so important is that it helps to target and expose your business and services to the right market. Although it serves as a business promotion, it often provides more opportunity in the areas of time and an explanation of the products you offer.

Credibility: The fact remains that customers are reluctant when it comes to spending. For this very reason, it’s necessary to have credibility. Publicity helps because customers will trust your business more when they see it mentioned publicly, as compared to on billboards and in ads. Research show that PR actually offers seven times more credibility among customers than advertising.

Your Image: Good PR isn’t simply about the promotion of special items or products. It actually takes your business to the next level and shines light on it. It creates an “image” about your company and promotes business patronage. It leaves your business with a positive image and that comes with many advantages.

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