As per the many articles and reports being written by Doctors and Virtual Assistants providing services to physicians, it’s no wonder why the benefits of incorporating the use of Virtual Assistance in a medical practice is becoming clearer and clearer by many.  So what does this mean to both the Virtual Assistant and the Medical Community at large?  My best answer would be industry growth to those providing the services and higher revenue for the doctors.  It’s no wonder that Physicians are reporting better patient retention and cost-efficiency as just some of the most obvious areas impacted by the use of virtual assistants in their practices.

As a medical practice prepares to outsource some of their needs to a virtual assistant, there are many factors to consider and some preparation is needed before the transition can be a seamless process.  By preparing ahead of time, in the end, the process of hiring a virtual assistant becomes more organized and effective.

One effective approach to hiring a virtual assistant is by making a list of all the tasks you want the virtual assistant to handle.  Another way to approach this situation would be to develop a list of tasks you want your office staff to become more focused or better at completing.

If you are a physician and are considering hiring a virtual assistant, to either lessen the burden of your existing staff or to decrease the number of on-site employees – here are just some of the ways a VA can help your office:

  • Insurance Verification
  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Patient follow-up Calls
  • Payroll
  • Billing
  • Coding
  • Transcription
  • Data Entries
  • Mailings


As a Virtual Assistant company providing services to the health care field, Connecticut Virtual Assistance has 10 years of experience consulting onsite and 15 years of experience across administration, operations, and marketing.  We will work you to develop the best possible situation for taking care of your needs.  Call us or email us via our secure contact form to schedule your free consultation.