Fiction writing is a fantastical, imaginary place, both for you, the writer, and for anyone reading your piece. But writing the most creative, wondrous book or short story doesn’t mean you’ll actually find anyone to enjoy it like you know they would, if only they knew about it.

The truth of the matter is there are a ton of fiction writers out there, and we all want our voices to be read. Sure, you can tell everyone you meet that you wrote a great book, and sure, they might actually go read it. But chances are they’ll forget about it as soon as they walk away.

Here’s where blogging can come in handy.

When you write regularly on a blog, your voice echoes throughout the Internet on a regular basis. You become less invisible, and even more important, you become more human. People like to read things or buy things from people they know. When you post on your blog, you’re opening yourself up to the world, letting the world get to know you. And that makes your fiction more likely to be read.

And since you’re already reading other blogs (you are, right?), you now have something to say in the comments other than, “Great post!” Now you can say, “Great post! I wrote something similar over at” That pings the Internet again, reminding the blogosphere that you exist. And you build a community with other writers too (which can’t hurt).

Convinced that blogging is a necessity for fiction writers? Great!

Now what should you blog about?

This is a personal choice, but as a fiction writer there are several options. As a writer, you’re an expert on writing. You’re also an expert on your process to get started. So your blog can be specific to the writing craft if you’d like. Or you can mix it up and talk about your craft as well as your personal journey.

Remember, people like to read and buy things from those they know. So let your readers get to know you. Talk about your day when writing escaped you. Talk about your characters and what you think they’re up to when they’re not on the pages of your book. Talk about a good writing day, or your rock garden, or how your dog ate your work.

Blogging is just talking and communicating. Be yourself, which is guaranteed to be unique. Most of all have fun. Interact with your readers if you allow comments, tell people about your blog, and keep honing your writing craft.

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